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MyKad2Apps – Easy MyKad Reader Integration for your own software – No Programming Required

RM 300.00

MyKad2Apps – Easy MyKad Reader Integration for your own software – No Programming Required


Introducing MyKad2Apps. This product is designed to make integration of MyKad Reading for your own Windows Application an effortless task. There is no programming involved to integrate to your own Windows Applications. MyKad2Apps is a software and smartcard reader kit. MyKad2Apps software works in the background waiting for MyKad to be inserted into the smart card reader. Once detected the software will read thedata from the MyKad and will type in the selected data into you own software in the order that has been set in the MyKad2Apps software. Suitable for Windows Applications and Web Applications running on Windows PC. Product developed by us.

Register you clients, customers, patients, students, members in just 15 seconds direct to your software. 

Data available from MyKad

  • MyKad Number
  • Full Name
  • Old IC Number
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Address, Town, Postcode, State
  • Citizenship
  • Colour Photo (as on MyKad)

 Works with PC/SC compliant Smart Card Reader

Built for Windows Operating System (7/8/10) Both 32 and 64 bit

Automatically detects card insertion and removal, works in the background monitoring card insertion to automatically read and send data

Output selected information from MyKad to application in keyboard emulation mode (works with most application)

Reading can also be triggered using the function keys on the keyboard (F7/F8/F9/F10)

Each function key can have different output sequences.

Send keys such as TAB, RETURN, ARROW DOWN, HOME to step the cursor into the correct text boxes

Also work with Web Based software running on web browsers

Easy to setup to work with your own software

No programming required to read MyKad

Save photo in any predefined folder or PASTE photo into picture field

Save Mykad Data in any predefined folder or PASTE the data into your application in CSV format to parse

Test Mode built in to send test data to your application to try software without Smart Card Reader.

MyKad2Apps is Software and Smart Card Reader Set to start work immediately