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Easy Registration System - using MyKad Reader or Passport Scanning

RM 530.00



Download User Manual for Software

Required System:

Windows Vista/7/8/10 32 or 64 bits
USB port for Smart Card Reader

Contact us for DEMO SOFTWARE to test data entry with capture from web cam etc

Easy Registration Software - Using MyKad Reader (Smart Card Reader supplied), Software to Read Passport and Manual Data Entry with Webcam Photo Capture comes with advanced printing features.

Easy to setup and use registration software with searchable database.

UPDATED : Now has user designed forms for printing. You can create your own templates
for lists, information printing and badge by using the new form designer with simple drag and drop

Use to capture customer information, student registration, employee registration etc.
Export data to Excel file for compilation or analysis

Use MyKad Reader (Smart Card Reader) to capture (Supplied)
Card Holder Name, MyKad Number, Date of birth, Gender, Race, Religion, Place of birth
Address, Old IC No, Citizenship, Date of issue and Colour Photo (as seen on MyKad)

Use flatbed scanner to scan in passport
Capture Holder Name, Passport Number, Gender, Nationality and Photo (Auto Detect)
95% Accuracy rate - depend on condition of passport

Manual Entry
Enter all data using keyboard and capture photo using webcam (not included) - with auto face detect and cropping

Features :

User Login - Secure data with username and password with admin and normal user levels
MyKad - integration from quick data and photo capture
Passport - scanning using low cost scanner (eg Canon LiDE 110 not included)

Search - search database by name or identification number (Mykad number / passport number)
Sort Data - by various criteria including name, id, gender, state, postcode,state

Export data to Excel file and picture to Jpeg files.

MyKad Reader Database Software

Main Screen

Print out MyKad Data

Print of MyKad Data

using face detection to capture photo from webcam

Using face detection software to auto crop face image to store in database using webcam

Passport OCR Software

Use normal flatbed scanner to scan in data and photo from passport.

New form designer for user to design their own customised print out of data.