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Easy MyKad Reader Lite 3.0

RM 200.00


  • Read data and photo from MyKad from electronic chip using smart card reader
  • Manually enter data using keyboard
  • Capture photo from web cam
  • Used photo from file or scanner
  • Design any type of form for printing with capture data
  • Save user designed forms can be used by other users of Easy MyKad Reader Lite3.0 by importing
  • Print photo, text, bar codes and qr codes
  • Print on any size paper the printer can handle
  • Add company logo or other text to print form
  • Export to PDF, HTML or csv files
  • 20 additional user defined fields for data (for example Phone number, email, agent no etc)
  • Copy Data to Windows Clipboard to paste to other software like Excel or Word
  • Copy Picture to Windows Clipboard to paste to Painting or Photo Editing Software
  • Save data to text file
  • Save Photo to BMP
Need to register people quickly, need to record information for Human Resource purposes, need accurate records of your employees, people who visit your clinic. Computerise the registration process with our easy to install, easy to use MyKad Reader Kit. Our Easy MyKad Reader Lite 3.0 kit comes complete with USB Smart Card Reader and Software to read MyKad Data into a computer system.
The following information can be captured from the Smart Chip built into the MyKad

Card Holder Name
MyKad Number
Date of birth
Place of birth
Old IC No
Date of issue
Colour Photo (as seen on MyKad)

+ 20 Additional Fields (User definable)